• Rishabh Bhardwaz

Out with the old, in with the new

It's high time.

We come to this realization everyday, getting up late from the bed at 11 o' clock every morning, or sitting in our desks at work, or the dreaded 2 A.M epiphanies. Does life has to be this empty? What are we chasing?

This millennium has been has been hard on us. We are thrown into this generation of social media that constantly makes us feel tiny in a world of growing expectations. The constant need to prove ourselves in this world of increasing transparency takes a toll on our mental health. We search for ways to escape from the reality and lose ourselves in the process, and I'm no stranger to that.

Anyway, before the tone of this post takes a darker turn than it already has, let me tell you that there is hope. And if you have hit rock bottom like me, you have nowhere to go but up. Being afraid to go on is okay. It is a part of life that make us what we are. And I want you to hold my hand as I take my first step towards being a better version of myself, while I help you do the same.

This blog was created with the aim of bringing out the best in us. I am going to document every part of my journey to success (and every failure), and I hope my experiences will help you learn better about yourselves, and turn your life into something you always dreamt of. That being said, it's time to put my hands away from the keyboard as it's the most exercise I have had in ages, and my unmade bed pleads me to relieve it from it's misery. And this is it. This is the high time. This is a full stop to all the procrastination and sadness.

It's time to get the mojo on. I'll see you soon. Much love.

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