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Supercharge Your Freelance Career With Fiverr Courses - The Best All-In-One Freelance Website

Updated: May 12, 2020

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Freelancing starts where traditional jobs and professions end: Freedom. The possibilities in freelancing are virtually endless, and is the reason why many of us are ditching full-time work in favour of the freelancer lifestyle.

The convenience of having a flexible schedule and the ability to be selective about the work you do is very satisfying. It is also very rewarding as the avenues through which you can earn money are boundless.

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Fiverr - The Whole Banter

Learn With Fiverr - The Best Tool For Freelancers

Bonus For The Pros - AND CO.


Whether you are a beginner who is clueless about where to start, or someone who is already a freelancer and is looking for ways to expand, I'm sure every one of you had questions like these dropping in your head all the time -

Which freelance website is the best?
Who hires freelance workers?
How to start freelancing with no experience?

Before I answer these questions, I wanna tell you why it is better to be a freelancer in 2020, rather than going the job route. For starters, your professional growth is way more rapid than what you would experience in a conventional job.

For example, let's assume you're a writer. Let's say you took a few great steps and landed a client and you delivered a great article for $50. The client, being happy with your work, decided to leave you a testimonial on how great your writing was and how much he'd like to work with you again. Now, everyone who visits your public profile (it could be a freelancing website, LinkedIn or your own blog), sees that you're a competent writer and is assured that it is safe to work with you. Let's say you landed a couple more clients that way. Your profile now has 3 great reviews from clients. You take it as a good sign and increase your rate to $70 dollars. When more potential clients visit your profile, they see multiple good reviews for your work and decide that $70 is a good investment for someone with that experience and rep.

All of this can happen in literally a week. No kidding.

A regular job will probably pay you the same salary for a year even if you deliver great content constantly. But as a freelancer, the sky is the limit. Plus no commuting, no office meetings, no long 8-hour shifts that suck your soul out.

But do you have the skills to make it as a freelancer? Are you looking in the right places to get gigs that pay you well? There is no shortcut to success, but what we are going to talk about next probably is.

Fiverr - The Whole Banter

Freelancing used to be tough for beginners, and it made sense. Why would someone hire a beginner instead of someone highly qualified having tons of experience? Everyone would flock on sites like UpWork or Freelancer spending hours bidding on jobs with thousands of other applicants that are ready to work for pennies.

When you're just starting out, and face ten times the amount of rejections than you're actually capable of, it breaks you. And more often than not, you go back to your old life working regular jobs. Your freelancer profile just sits there untouched, as mine did.

Thankfully, we are going to be talking about Fiverr, and how to use it to change your game, starting today.

If you haven't heard of Fiverr, it is basically a platform for freelancers, but it does not involve the dirty bidding system used on other platforms. Here, you create your own "gigs" where you tell people what you can do for them for a certain amount of money. Prospective clients would see your gig and offer you work if they are impressed. Look out for a link at the end of the article for an awesome guide to creating a great gig to sell your services on Fiverr.

While Fiverr is a popular site and is one of the easier ways to find work, you still need to show clients you're capable of the work, and that you actually possess the skills to do it. While there are many ways to build a great profile/portfolio, Fiverr actually makes it a tad easy by providing resources that you can use to jumpstart your freelancing career.

Learn With Fiverr - The Ultimate Tool For Freelancers

Remember when I was talking about the shortcut to success? Well, this is as good as it gets. Fiverr made a genius move when they introduced Learn With Fiverr; a collection of courses that will put you right on the map to success in freelancing.

Bridging the gap between what clients want and what your skills are, Learn With Fiverr gives you exactly what you need to score that next client in a matter of hours.

The courses are prepared by experts in the industry and contain tons of material so that you can develop your skills and get ready to work in no time. Even if you are new to the Fiverr market posting your first gig, Fiverr will put a sweet little badge on your profile that says you are qualified and have the skills to take that job. Unsurprisingly, this also gives more value and authority to your gig, thus making sure you attract maximum potential clients.

I've known to be too liberal with the phrase ridonculously good, but this one right here blows my mind. It's like getting a campus placement from your college after your degree, except that Fiverr takes only a tiny fraction of the time and investment. It's nowhere close to a degree, but you get exactly what you need to make your way to six-figure incomes, and Fiverr provides you with both the skills and the job. There is literally nothing better than this if you are clueless but want to start your freelance career right away.

Browsing around the site I could see courses for as low as $20, from a wide range of topics like Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, Writing, and a bunch of others. So if you are, say, a budding graphic designer, you can take a course on Photoshop (or the entire Adobe Creative Cloud if you want) to polish up your skills.

Now, these courses are no joke. If you actually sign up for one of these, it won't be long before you realise you are actually getting more than your money's worth. The courses are extensive and cover a lot of ground from beginner to advanced topics, and you get to take tests and quizzes after you finish one.

To top it off, you get an assured 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, so if you're not happy with something, or if you wanna try a different course, you can get a full refund!

So go on, sign up and learn something that interests you, and start your freelance career on the right note.

  1. Sign up on Learn From Fiverr

  2. Get a course that sparks your interest

  3. Check out this article on how to make an awesome gig to attract potential clients.

  4. Start earning!

Bonus for the pros - AND CO.

While this is a guide for those who are starting out in their freelancing careers, some of you might already identify yourself with the word pro. That means you already have clients, you have been working as a freelancer for some time now, and most importantly, work independently of freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, or UpWork.

If you can identify with these, you are probably aware of how painful and time consuming it is to manually manage invoices, contracts, proposals, and the list goes on. AND CO. is a service (recently acquired by Fiverr) that allows you to automate everything so that you can focus on what actually matters - Work!

AND CO. manages everything from your proposals to contracts, tracking of time and payments, and also lets you automate recurring payments with ease; and that is just the tip of the iceberg. With practically everything you need in order to maximise your time to focus on work instead of spending hours making invoices, AND CO. is a no-brainer if you are serious about maximising productivity.

The sheer amount of features doesn't mean you have to shell out a crapload of money. Their basic plan is free, and the Pro plan is a measly $18 a month; what could possibly stop you? To top it off, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if it doesn't work out for you (and I can't think of a reason why), you get all of your money back, no questions asked.

Go try out AND CO.!


The article is meant to provide you with a one-track way to achieve success as a freelancer. That being said, you still need to work hard to actually achieve something. Just buying some courses and waiting for opportunities to drop isn't gonna cut it. Good luck!

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